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Boules game: which one to choose these days?

    Most of the time, boules games are directly associated with pétanque , but of course there are others.

    Brief history of the most popular boules games

    In reality, petanque is a derivative of the Provincial game which is itself a derivative of the Boule Lyonnaise. The latter is also called Sport-Boules, it was born in the 18th century but is played with bronze balls padded with rubber bands or small springs. The playing field must be 5 meters long, flat and divided into 3 zones.

    We also find the Boule de Fort which is the sport of the Angevins and this one is not very young since it dates from the 17th century.

    The Breton balls are very well known in his region then by touring France, one can realize that many regions have their own type of game of balls.

    Why do people like to play boules?

    We all have one thing in common with boules games, it’s that they inevitably remind us of a taste of summer and sunshine! We all enjoy playing it.

    Apart from the fact that most of the time people play it during the aperitif because you have to admit it’s more fun, well it brings people and generations together! It’s a friendly game but you have to be careful of one thing: sunburn?

    So certainly petanque is not the most physical sport, however it allows to improve certain abilities, concentration among others, address, precision and so on.

    Gabaky soft boules game

    When we talk about Gabaky, we are talking about indoor petanque and soft boules. The story begins between a child overflowing with imagination and his father. This is how the Gabaky adventure begins. We add a little strategy, fun, friends or family and we get a good time of sharing!

    So this game is played 4 meters from a target using soft balls with the aim of being closer to the target.

    All shots are allowed ! Gabaky or soft balls can roll on the ground, land on the target or knock out their opponents.

    Gabaky’s soft balls

    Gabaky ‘s soft balls are made in such a way that everyone can play, young and old alike. They allow you to perform sometimes surprising moves and with a little practice you will quickly improve and place special moves. It sometimes happens that opposing gabaky are on your way. His special moves could turn the tide of the game.

    The hat trick

    It’s a matter of dosage. It’s tempting! Throw your gabaky hard enough in the direction of another gabaky . If the soft ball stops on it (no longer touches the ground), you have scored a hat trick. If you land on an opposing gabaky who has the point, you steal the show and take the point. If you are on a gabaky of the same color and which has the point, then this one counts double.

    The leapfrog

    Ah training… That’s the only real thing! It’s up to you to find the right bounce. Throw your gabaky sufficiently in a bell (but not too much!!) so that it lands in front of the gabaky which is obstructing you and bounces over it.

    The rolled shot

    The road is clear. Roll your soft ball hard enough so that it kicks the opponent out on impact.

    The direct shot

    Many obstacles stand in front of you. Direct fire may be the solution. Throw your gabak y and try to expel the opponent’s soft balls with a direct impact.

    Submit your best special moves on social networks. Let your creativity speak !