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Indoor petanque game and particularities of Gabaky

    The game of pétanque and its reputation

    If you are a fan of boules games , you must know pétanque.

    This outdoor sport of Marseillaise origin, created in 1906 and recognized for its motor, social and intellectual contributions, has become a national game in France.

    An essential game in summer and on sunny days, petanque combines skill, precision, anticipation and above all brings people together in a joy of living and good humor. If we add family, friends and an aperitif (in moderation of course), it’s a good day ahead!

    The game of petanque is exported through the generations, even the youngest get into it! All are ready to take the reveal of the elders and above all without stereotypes please, because women have their places as much as men.

    Gabaky indoor petanque

    Recently arrived on the market in 2020, GABAKY is an indoor pétanque game played with soft balls and a target located 4 meters away which replaces the usual jack. At Gabaky, the objective is to be as close as possible to the center of the target!

    The indoor game is very quiet thanks to its soft balls. Thus, young and old can play it, and no risk of waking dad during his nap! ^^

    A game can take place indoors or outdoors, so it is possible to play even on rainy days. Unlike traditional pétanque, GABAKY won’t require you to scold the children for breaking granny’s vase! ?

    With family or friends, between colleagues or at home, in the garden or at the beach, in the morning or in the evening during the aperitif, the Gabaky indoor petanque game adapts to any situation. Play wherever you want and with whomever you want!