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The rules are simple, but becoming an expert takes practice. Whether it’s 1 vs 1 or by team, only fine strategists will emerge victorious. You shoot or you point ? You can even play with special moves, which only the Gabaky allows! An assured atmosphere and strategies to be defined before each throw.

Will you be skillful enough? Will you remain in control of your emotions in the most delicate situations? One objective: The target!

Rules of Gabaky

Audience: 3 to 120 years old

Thanks to its soft balls, the GABAKY stands out as the ultimate game of skill for all audiences to have fun with family and friends.

The rules are simple, but becoming an expert takes practice. Whether it’s 1 vs 1 or by team, only fine strategists will emerge victorious.

You shoot or you point ? Will you be skillful enough? One objective: The target!

Place, pull, sneak!

All shots are allowed ! Gabaky can roll on the ground, land on the target or knock out their opponents.

Course of a game (according to the rules of pétanque)

Unroll your GABAKY tray, let’s go!

Ps: so that the target perfectly matches the shape of the ground, remember to roll it in the opposite direction to the curve

Play individually (4 balls per player) or form teams (2 balls each). Place the target 4 meters from the throwing line. For the first game, appoint the first pitcher.

Game on. As in pétanque, the 1st player throws one of his gabaky (ball) and tries to place it as close as possible to the center of the target. The opponent plays until he regains the point. When a player has no more gabaky , it’s time to take back the advantage or widen the gap!!

It’s time to count the points

If you are closest to the center, you win the round and score as many points as balls better placed than your opponent’s best. It is therefore possible to score up to 4 points per round.

Attention !! Only gabaky on the game board are counted. The player who wins the first round starts the next one. The first player to 13 points wins the game.

And remember, losers always get a rematch!

The special moves

The gabaky are sometimes surprising and with a little practice you will quickly master its special moves. It sometimes happens that opposing gabaky are on your way. His special moves might just get you out of trouble.

The hat trick

It’s a matter of dosage. It’s tempting! Throw your gabaky hard enough in the direction of another gabaky . If he stops on it (no longer touching the ground), you have scored a hat trick. If you land on an opposing gabaky who has the point, you steal the show and take the point. If you are on a gabaky of the same color and which has the point, then this one counts double.

The leapfrog

Oh training… That’s the only thing that’s true ! It’s up to you to find the right bounce. Throw your gabaky sufficiently in a bell (but not too much!!) so that it lands in front of the gabaky which is obstructing you and bounces over it.

The rolled shot

The road is clear. Roll your gabaky hard enough so that it kicks the opponent out on impact.

The direct shot

Many obstacles stand in front of you. Direct fire may be the solution. Throw your gabaky there and try to expel the opposing gabaky with a direct impact.

Submit your best special moves on social networks. Let your creativity speak !

Gabaky freestyle

The basics of the game with even more fun and creativity. With family or friends.

At the start of each round, the player who starts can propose a new rule: throw the ball with his back to the game, play with his bad hand, throw under the leg, sitting or closing his eyes, etc.

You choose ! Let your creativity and wildest ideas do the talking to make your games even more memorable.

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