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Our story

On a family Sunday, November 2018, Sébastien plays with his 5-year-old son Gabriel at home.

A part of marbles is looming but no hole on the horizon. An idea comes up: divert the Curling with marbles. A few taped A4 sheets, a nice drawn and colored target and the game begins.

Alas, there is only one color of marbles at home and the idea of distinguishing them with tape doesn’t please Gabriel at all!

Then you have to find something else to throw. A plug ? Not practical. A sock? It doesn’t roll enough.

Then Gabriel exclaims: We just have to throw your juggling balls! And that was the best idea. The beginning of a long story for GABAKY.

With soft balls and a target at 4 meters on a board, an original game was created. A perfect mix between petanque, puck and curling. A silent game, which can integrate children safely. A fun game with lots of strategy. An indoor game for everyone!

Sébastien and his partner Willy then worked on a prototype and developed the game during 2019 by offering it for sale at the Rennes International Fair.

A few months later, while they were still carrying it with them in their luggage, they had the opportunity during a professional event to play with Christian Karembeu (1998 football world champion). To thank him, a gift, one of the first GABAKY!

A year and a half later, Christian finds their phone number:

“I love playing it with my family and people around me keep asking me where they can get it.”

Christian Karembeu becomes the ambassador of GABAKY!

Teaming up with other Bretons, Baptiste, Jacques and Julien, the adventure begins!

It was decided, it was time to launch the new GABAKY story with you!